What does it mean to be a Full-time Realtors?  Do you know the difference?

Full-time Realtors live Real Estate. Like I've always told my children and now my grandchildren.  I work all the time but at the same time, I never work. 

If you love what you do it does not seem like work. My Real Estate Career has given me the freedom to be available for my clients most of the time while still be available for family. This is a job that requires you to work on vacation, and work on weekends and work late at night, yet at the same time it gives me the freedom to be available for kids school programs during the day and to make the ball games ect... even if I have to take a call or two, I get to be there for them. 

I always want my clients to feel free to call me when they have concerns because usually, a phone call will calm their nerves and put them at ease. I also hope they understand because I make myself available all the time, sometimes I will have life going on, kids in the background or in another state on vacation or at a noisy family reunion. 

A real estate transaction is one of the most stressful events many of us choose to endure and as a full-time agent, I want to be available to help guild them through that process and make it as smooth and painless as possible.