My Home Did Not Sell What Do I Do Now?

Expired listings create a lot of frustrations and questions. The Homeowners are usually left scratching their heads saying to themselves, “I don’t understand what went wrong my home did not sell” I love it so I was sure everyone else would love it. The agents are sometimes frustrated because they did not get the job completed sometimes due to their hands being tied other times it’s because they were not as aggressive with their marketing as they should have been.

So the question comes down to did someone dropped the ball? Lets analysis who is responsible for what and was there something that could have been done to get the home SOLD.

The Homeowner is responsible for: choosing the agent….conditions of the home…. price of the home….ease of showings…

The Agent is responsible for: educating and advising the seller about, many things including, condition, pricing, market values, and ease of showings. The agent is also responsible for marketing the home through MLS, cooperating agents, social media, internet web presence, print media, and a multitude of other avenues including having great realistic pictures which give a true depiction of the home.

So did you take the advice and direction of your agent? If so then the fault may be with the agent giving bad advice. It is hard to tell people what they don’t want to hear so many agents will just do what the sellers want them to do even though it may not be in the best interest of the seller. If you did not take the agents advice you might have to reconsider what you should have done differently.

So as a Seller, you have to ask yourself “what part did I play in why my home did not sell”? That is a hard question to face. Once you figure that out you can rectify the problem and move forward. Don’t give up every home will Sell.

If you are in Southern Missouri and asking yourself “why your home did not sell” we would be happy to help you sort through some of your questions. Gwen Chambers is an Expired Listing Specialist she will help you sort through all your questions to help you determine why your home did not sell.  Just give us a call.