A survey was done to find out how important are two sinks in the master bathroom and the results are in.  It seems that 60% of people do not care how many sinks are in the master bath but 40% insist they have to have two.  So if you are starting a remodel job you need to figure out what the best thing to do for your resale value.

How important are 2 sinks in the master bathroom

If 60% don’t care than most likely if you have room in the bath your probably better off to put two in that way you will appeal to 100% of the people.  I really hate to say that since I personally prefer one.  I just don’t like having to clean two.

Pro’s of two sinks in master bathroom

Two sinks can be a relationship savor when both parties are getting ready to leave at the same time. It is also important when one is messy and one is a neat freak. Sometimes the dirty sink can throw one party over the edge and then the fight is on over dried toothpaste.  I’m sure there are much better things to fight about so if two sinks will save the marriage then put them in.

Con’s of two sinks in the master bathroom

Reduced counter space is a real negative if you have a small vanity area.  That can also create fights when everyone has things they want to set on the counter.   The added plumbing cost is also a factor if you’re on a tight budget.  The extra plumbing under the sink also limits the storage under the sink.  So if you need the storage space you might want to reconsider putting that 2nd sink in.

The Pro’s for one sink in the master bathroom

More space under the sink and more counter space above the sink. Only one sink to clean and it’s cheaper to put in and cheaper to maintain.

Gwen Chambers 2018