Lifestyle Farming in Southern Missouri is Becoming Very Popular

There is a lot of joy to be experienced in lifestyle farming. It is not easy work but it is very rewarding and you’ll surely go to bed tired. Sometimes you to just have to decide to have fun while working. Building a fence, feeding the horses, collecting the eggs, milking the cows, feeding the smelly pigs and plowing and planting the fields are just a few of the chores when you decide to start Lifestyle farming in Southern Missouri

It can all be fun with the right attitude and it sure beats lying around watching TV or playing on your phone. When working on a farm I have found that it gives me plenty of time for reflection about life in general. I think I just feel closer to Heaven when I am working that close to nature and the animals. Your kids will love to get involved and it helps build family bonding which is so important these days. Lifestyle Farming is a great way to teach your children much-needed work ethics and responsibility. The one really big bonus is the possibilities for a great tax write off. We all love to save on taxes and it’s great when you can have fun doing it.

If lifestyle farming in Southern Missouri is in your future make sure and give us a call at Southern Missouri Homes and Farms 417-894-8005 Calvin Chambers is our Farm Specialist and he can help find the perfect lifestyle for you and your family.  Search for your Lifestyle farm Today