Here are 10 Reasons to List your Missouri home in the Fall

This is just a little Myth-busting, so many people believe that homes only sell during the Spring and Summer months.  I am here to tell you that is not completely true.  Missouri has 4 seasons which many people enjoy and appreciate. So here is a list of 10 reasons why you should list your Missouri home in the fall.  Just remember every season has its benefits to list your Missouri home.  Give us a call and we can share with you the benefits of every season in Missouri.

  1. Missouri is Beautiful in the Fall; Curb appeal is great and our Missouri landscapes turn into a vibrant canvas of warm colors.  It is a great time for those professional photos and drone video’s which make your home stand out from the crowd.
  2. Demand is still strong;  There are many who are planning to transfer from out of state our out of the area and they are planning to move during the Christmas break. It’s a good time for job changes with the start of the new year and the 2nd best time for school changes with the break in the semester.
  3. Fewer Competitors; There are not as many homes on the market so buyers have fewer choices.  It is much easier for your home to stand out when the inventory is low.  This is many times a result of (agents wanting to take time off) so they convince sellers it’s not a good time to sell.
  4. Buyers have fewer distractions; The children are back in school and Mom & Dad finally have a little free time to start dreaming, planning and house hunting.  Buyers spend a lot of time outdoors during the spring and summer with weekends spent at the lake, horse shows, camping hiking and all sorts of outdoor activities, which cause a lot of distractions and make it hard to focus on the task at hand.  Buying a home.
  5. Buyers are more motivated;  Buyers have the extra motivation to find their home in the fall to avoid that winter move but are usually prepared if it takes that long. They are usually not just lookers (which is what a lot of springtime buyers are doing, just looking)
  6. No one wants to move when it’s too hot;  Our Missouri summers can be brutal and moving in the fall can make a normally hot and sticky situation very cool and comfortable.
  7. Homes show great during the holidays; nothing makes a home feel warmer than the aroma of fresh baked goods (which happen more in the cooler months) and of course holiday decorations.
  8. Buyers spend more time online: Internet use goes up during the fall & winter as our days get shorter.  While the Buyer is scrolling around dreaming of a home purchase wouldn’t it be great if they stumbled across your home.
  9. Buyers are typically more emotional during the holidays; and what better time to have your home on the market so an emotional buyer can make an emotional decision.
  10. We still work:  Unlike many agents, we work year round. We do have a little more time in the fall & winter months which works out well for you with added customized advertising, marketing, and attention. Typically the fall & winter transactions are smoother.

If you have tried selling your home in the past and di not get the job done, this article Listing Expired may also help you.

Don’t let a myth stop you! List your Missouri Home in the Fall, we believe you’ll be surprised by the results.  If you are considering listing your home or farm in the near future give us a call and we can help you sort through any questions you may have and help you make a plan.  We promise you that we will not pressure you to sell before you are ready.

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