It is usually not a good idea for the listing agent to be present when the Buyers agent is there representing their buyers.

Look at the scenario from a buyers perspective and you will understand why the listing agent should not be present for home showings.  If you yourself were going to look at a home that you were considering buying would you really want the agent that is representing the seller overhearing everything you have to say?  I do not think so! Besides the fact that you feel like you are being spied on, ultimately too many agents showing the property can feel intimidating and sometimes a little overwhelming.

I have been selling homes since 1993 and I can tell you from my experience that buyers will spend less time in a home when the sellers agent and or seller are present.  If you want the buyer to fall in love with your home the listing agent should not be present for the home showings.  Many sellers are just uninformed and want their agent be present but that has proven to be a deal killer many times.  The real negative is the buyer cannot speak freely about things they like or dislike with the agent whom they trust and have a relationship with.  The showings are usually shorter when the listing agent or seller are present because the buyer does not feel comfortable, it’s hard to hang out in a house with the opposition.  Just in case you are unaware, the longer the buyer hangs out in the home the better chance you have of them wanting to buy it.

There is a simple solution to this problem.  As an agent for the seller it is our job to educate them and explain to them that by being present for all showings we are actually not representing them very well.  If we explain that it ill hurt the showings most sellers can understand that.   The Buyers agent is also a licensed professional and are bound by all the same laws as the listing agents are. The buyers agents have the same responsibility of protecting the property and it’s contents as the listing agent does.  If the property is vacant and you are concerned about the property being locked up properly you can always ask your listing agent to check on the property (after the showing time) to make sure everything is secured. The Buyers Agent does have the same responsibilities to make sure everything is locked up and left in the same condition as it was when they arrived as the listing agent does.

I know may agents and sellers say well that is how it has always done it, but in 1995 when Buyers Agency became a law it changed how properties should be shown.  It is not only wrong it is an ethics violation for any agent to get involved in any conversation or relationship that another agent has with their client unless the client initiates the conversation. The listing agent putting themselves in the middle of a Buyers Agents showing of a property is not the client initiating it.

If the listing agent is also representing the buyer as a dual agent or transaction broker that is a different story that makes the situation acceptable.  By all means if the Buyer has a buyers agent there is no question the listing agent should not be present for the home showing.  The moral of this article is too many people can be overpowering and usually does not get us the results we are looking for which it a Sold Property.

Think twice before you insist that your listing agent be present for all showings. The secondary problem with this is now not only do we have to coordinate times for the showing that are convenient for the buyer, the buyers agent and the seller, now you will need to come up with a time that works for the sellers agent also.  In Southern Missouri I have had multiple times when the sellers missed showings (possible sales of their property) because the listings was not available when the buyer and buyers agent wanted to view it.

The real moral is let the buyers agent do their job without interference with the listing agent. The listing agent should be marketing the property to attract more buyers the buyers agent should be the one’s to sell the property.

Gwen Chambers Southern Missouri Homes and Farms Listing and Marketing Specialist