Spring is not always the best selling season, motivated buyers buy year round.  Relocating Buyers buy when the job changes, which happens a lot of times around the new year, or when they retire which is also a new year thing.  Homebuyers with children like moving at the change of the semester after the Christmas break.

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In 25 years of  Selling Missouri Homes 11 of those years, December & January were my most productive months.  That alone tells me people still purchase homes when it’s cold outside.  I have waded through deep snow and skated on icy sidewalks many of times while showing a property.  I can tell you the clients who were following me in those homes were highly motivated buyers.  I am pretty sure one of those times it was a full-scale blizzard (or at least a Missouri blizzard).

The positive for buyers is the sellers have fewer buyers looking so they are sometimes more motivated with price reductions especially if they have been on the market for a while. Of course for sellers, the positive is the buyers have fewer homes to choose from (less competition)  because many sellers take their homes off the market in the winter.  Motivated buyers buy year round so if you are a seller and you want to sell I would always advise you to keep your home on the market through the winter.  You never know when that buyer that is going to fall in love with your home, comes along and you don’t want to miss them.