If you are considering moving to Southern Missouri you have made a good decision.

As a Southern Missouri Realtor, we have represented many clients who are moving to Southern Missouri and we work as buyers agents, which means we are working for you the buyers. Working with your best interest in mind, negotiating on your behalf to assure you are making an informed decision when they do decide to purchase.

Relocating is always stressful and if you are moving to Southern Missouri you are making a wise choice. Southern Missouri has some of the friendliest people and on average only about 25 people per sq.mile. Property values are affordable and stable, and property taxes are lower than average.

If you are planning a trip to check out our area you might want to check out The Ozark Traveler it is a website of Places to go, things to do in the Ozarks

Moving is always stressful so we want to remind you of a few things you do not want to forget to do when moving to Southern Missouri

* Transfer or apply for a new drivers license

* Register your vehicles

* Register to Vote

If you are ready to start looking for homes you can click to start your search HERE