Is Moving to the Ozarks in your Future?

We at Southern Missouri Homes and Farms LLC. have represented many clients who are moving to the Ozarks from all over the United States.  We work as Buyers Agents to make sure our clients don’t overpay for property and understand the market values of what they are buying. We work to negotiate the best and fairest deal for our clients.

Southern Missouri is one of the prettiest places on earth.  With four distinct seasons, the National Forest, clean clear rivers, and lakes, it is understandable why so many have the dream of moving to the Ozarks.  With fewer people (nowadays that is sometimes very desirable)  and lower taxes, Southern Missouri is just a more relaxing place to live.

If you are considering moving to Southern Missouri you will find out that the people are very friendly.  You will not be overwhelmed with restrictions and zoning ordinances, we just don’t have a lot of that here.  The downside of that is, unfortunately, you have no control of what your neighbor does but the good side of that is he has no control of what you do and most likely you will be on acreage and not many people will see your home or bother you.

Calvin and Gwen Chambers have lived and serviced this area as Southern Mo Realtors for a long time and there is no better place to live than Southern Missouri

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