Home Buying Tips When You Own A Dog

After talking about it for what seems like years, you and your family have agreed to move. The market is better, and your old home just isn’t working for you anymore. It’s gotten a bit cramped, and you are looking forward to living in a better neighborhood.

But what about your pet dog? After all, they will be living under the same roof as you. If your new home isn’t good for a dog, then everyone will suffer. That’s why you need these tips for buying, moving into, and adjusting to a new home when you are moving with dogs. It starts by looking into the local requirements for pets.

What To Look For In A New Home

You certainly do not want to find the perfect home and then realize your dog is not welcome in it. Believe it or not, that’s possible. Many communities have started limiting what pets people can have in their own homes. That’s why Realtor.com recommends that you check the local pet requirements before you even get excited about a new home. Besides checking with the local government, ask if there is any homeowner’s association. If there is, ask for a copy of all bylaws and rules to make sure your dog can move with you.

You should talk to your real estate agent about your dog. Explain any special needs your pet might have and what you hope to have in a new home, such as a fenced-in yard or a spot away from busy roads. You also want to examine the layout and see where your dog would sleep and run around inside or outside. And if your dog is older, you may want to avoid homes with lots of stairs.

Moving with Pets Day Tips

Once you have found your dream home, it’s time to start packing! Just keep in mind that your dog won’t understand moving. To them, things are slowly disappearing from “their” home. That’s why you should pack your dog’s room last. Dogs love familiarity, so you can help reduce their moving anxiety by keeping to routines as much as possible.

You should seriously consider hiring a dog boarder who can house your dog on moving day. With all the movers coming in and out of your house, having a dog running around is a recipe for disaster. Besides, your dog would rather be in a calm, fun environment instead of stressed out.

Adjusting To A New Home

Now that you’re finally in your new home, it’s time to help your dog adjust to the place. To them, their old life is suddenly gone and they don’t know if it will come back. Spending some time now to help your pet adjust will help everyone in the long run. Moving with dogs can take some adjusting for your furry pets.

As the AARP recommends, continue any old routines. If you walked every day around 6:00 PM, then take those evening walks at your new place. The same is true for feeding times. Also, don’t buy anything new for your pet, as introducing new toys or food bowls will just add to your dog’s anxiety. Lastly, be sure to take your dog on frequent walks. Not only does this burn up anxious energy, it helps your dog know the neighborhood in case they ever get out.

Be Careful When Buying

Purchasing a new home is always a big decision, but it’s a little bigger when you’re moving with dogs. Check out the community rules and layouts before buying, then hire a dog sitter for moving day. Once you’re finally in the new place, stick to the old routines with your dog. This can help your pet love your new home as much as you do.  Your Realtor can always help. If you are looking for a home in Southern Missouri you can start your search right here.

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