Moving to Ozark County Missouri: Is The Perfect Paradise for the Whole Family 

Do you find yourself not satisfied with where you are living? There are many reasons and the most common is: you are not happy with the neighborhood or neighbors. Or maybe you are just looking for a fresh start, someplace where you are unknown.

If this is the case, Ozark County Missouri may be the place for you and your family. A fresh start, beautiful environment and a friendly neighborhood await!

Here is a little information about the people who live here, its history and what the Ozarks have to offer their residents. We also have some real estate information for those who are interested in moving here and calling this place home.

Where is Ozark County Missouri and who lives here?

We can be found on the Missouri-Arkansas border and the county covers about 755 square miles, with lots of lakes and river including the North Fork River and Lick Creek, which are great for recreation in the Ozarks.

If you look at the total population of 9,601 from the 2012 census numbers and the 755 square miles it covers, Ozark County averages 13 people per square mile, living within its borders, now that can equal some privacy. In the 2012 census, they estimated 5,114 housing units with an average of 7 homes per square mile. The county has a racial makeup of 97.57% of white, African American with 0.15%, Native American with 0.65%, Asian with 0.08%, and 0.19% from other races. The place has an approximate 0.94% Hispanic and Latino population. The county has one city, Gainesville, the county seat. There are two villages, Theodosia and Bakersfield, and many unincorporated communities including Dora, Brixey, Hammond, Pontiac, Lutie, Romance, Zanoni and Rockbridge

A brief history of Ozark County Missouri

It was originally occupied by Osage, Kickapoo, Delaware, and Shawnee Indians but they were driven westward due to a treaty. White Settlers came from Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee and in 1841 Ozark County was founded and organized. It is the only county in the United States which is named after the nation’s oldest mountain regions, the Missouri Ozarks.

The original name was “Aux Arcs” which mean bend in the river in French, but it turned into Ozark which was easier to say. Douglas and Howell County were formed out of Ozark County Missouri and that is when Gainesville became the county seat because the original County seat Rockbridge was too close to Douglas County to qualify any longer. During the civil war, the majority of its citizens were on the union’s side but the county still suffered greatly during the war and much of the population left the area. The development of Bull Shoals dam, creating Bull Shoals Lake, helped bring tourism and population back to the area.

Ozark County offers the following:

  • It’s rural, but it is close enough to the neon lights and country music of Branson for entertainment.
    • Although the County has a very slow pace of life, the residents are not going to wait to go through 3 signals to get through the intersection!
    • The county has no bumper to bumper traffic and no pollution
    • The air in the county is fresh and the water is clean.
    • There is a breathtaking view of the sky at night, where you can see the stars and Milky Way – so bright and clear free of city light pollution!
    • The place has a natural beauty, and outdoor recreation as only the Ozark Mountains can offer
    • It has thousands of acres of public land in the area of Ozarks which includes: 2 major lakes, 2 wilderness areas with a world-class trout stream, and countless rivers, lakes and streams where people can do lots of recreational activities such as swimming, hiking, hunting, fishing, scuba diving, bird watching and many more.
    • Do not miss the three historic Grist Mills which have been restored and opened to the public.

Ozark County Real Estate

We have so much to offer those interested in moving to our community. There are horse farms, cattle ranches, residential homes, raw acreage for recreation or future home sites, many rural properties with just a few acres for privacy and space. This is a great place to be visited by family and the best place to live in. Real Estate in Ozark County is affordable and a dream come true. Much of the land is unimproved, functional and accessible. Homes range in size and type, from a vacation cabin, farm ranch homes to a retirement dream homes with an overlooking view of the lake. With underdeveloped lands, families can hire a builder to construct a new home for them at a low cost because this county has extremely reasonable real estate taxes.

If you are planning a move to Ozark County in Missouri, you will find it the perfect place for your family if you love nature and are tired of the city life. Best of all, there are lots of outdoor activities for the whole family to experience. You can make memories here in the Missouri Ozarks that your children and grandchildren will cherish forever.

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