Should I stay or should I go… Should I stay or should I sell my house…Should I keep it or should I move on…

This is always a big question when sellers are trying to decide if the time is right to make a move.

There are many things you need to take into consideration:

  1. Does your current home still fit your needs?
  1. Are you still satisfied with your neighborhood, and location?
  1. Are you financially satisfied with your initial investment?

Over my 25-year real estate career, I have seen many people give up their dreams out of fear of losing a few dollars on the sale of their current home and in the long run, it cost them by far more than the loss they would have incurred initially. It’s a big question Should I stay or should I go, is the time right to sell my house…

I’d like to tell you Andy’s story.  Andy came to me in 1999 with the same question, should I stay or should I sell my house.   He was interested in purchasing a brand new home for his bride and moving closer to town so he would not have to spend his workdays driving an extra hour a day going back and forth to work and spending his weekends cutting grass.  To make this very long story (about 10 years) shorter I will cut our a few of repeating details.  After much consideration, Andy decided to wait another year so he could save more money and hopefully his home would be worth more the following year, we were in a rapidly increasing market.  I explained to him that the following year his current home would go up in value but so would the new home he was hoping to purchase.

Now let’s fast forward to the following year and Andy showed up again with the same hopes and dreams and was extremely disappointed when he found out how much his new home was going to cost now and the slight increase in interest rates, he was farther away from achieving his dream that he was the prior year.  This scenario continued on for 10 years sometimes he waited 2 years before contacting me with the question should I sell my house, but to shorten this story 10 years later he was still in the same place he was in 1999 and over the 10 years he had lost 2,600 hours which equals 108 full days spent driving instead of hanging out with his bride and we need to add in the 54 days he lost cutting and maintaining his yard.

Over a 10 year period, Andy lost 162 days spent doing things he did not want to do because he was afraid he was going to lose a few dollars on the sale of his current home.  Now to make this story even more tragic, Andy spent another 5 years doing the same thing and my guess is he is probably still in that same home today that he did not want back in 1999.

Life is short it is a real shame to get so hung up on how much you think you should get for what you have to miss out on what you could get with what you have now.

So what is the answer Should I stay or Should I Sell my house?  If you want to discuss your options we would be happy to be your sounding board. We can take a look at your current home and give you an idea of what it should sell for and we can help you find another home.

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