The words we all want to hear is It’s Sold…It’s all about marketing and price.

In every real estate sale the price is ultimately the owners choice. If you have a sellers agent working for you, they should provide information and documentation to help educate you about market conditions and home values so you can make wise choices.  If you have hired a transaction broker all I can say is I’m sorry, they are not allowed to give advice or opinions.

The agent is responsible for the marketing of your property.  It is about more than just putting it in the MLS and sitting back and waiting for it to sell.  If that is their plan you have chosen the wrong agent. You need to make sure and discuss with them what their marketing plan is? What are they going to be doing for you?

97% of People see their future home on the internet 1st. This is where you need to impress the buyers, 1st impressions are made on the internet, your pictures better be good, your remarks need to describe the property accurately and rooms sizes are important to many buyers.  Most buyers who are scheduling a showing on your home have already decided they like it, now they are coming to rule it out.  Make sure whatever you do, do no over sell the house, you never what the buyer to be disappointing when they walk in your door. We strive to use our marketing to entice the buyer to come and look and at the same time we make sure when they arrive they are happily surprised.

We would love to apply for the job of representing you and getting your home SOLD…It’s all about Marketing and Price.  Since this is the Internet we cannot put all our secrets on here but we would love to share them with you at your kitchen table.  Let us know if we can help you.

Gwen Chambers  Selling Missouri Homes since 1993