Relocating  out of state or Moving across town is always stressful so we want to remind you of a few things to remember when moving ( we are hoping to Southern Missouri)

  • Transfer or apply for a new drivers license (if your changing states)
  • Register your vehicles
  • Register to Vote
  • Verify your cell phone service will work satisfactorily in your new location
  • Go to the Post Office, Transfer your mail
  • Verify how you will receive mail at your new home
  • Turn off all your utilities: electric, internet, cable, gas/propane, trash, water, sewer and don’t forget the phone/landline
  • Set up to turn on all the above utilities at your new home.
  • Call the Schools to request transcripts from the school for the new schools
  • Reserve and Confirm your pick up times with the moving truck or if using a moving company verify the companies license and insurance policies
  • Cancel your current home insurance and set up a new policy for your new home.
  • Measure doorways and appliance spaces to make sure everything will fit
  • Your pets need special care you might want to check out Moving with Dogs

Hopefully, our list of things to remember when moving will at least get you started thinking.  If you come up with anymore please share them with us so we can add them to the list.

If you are moving to Southern Missouri you have made a good decision. Give us a call we would love to help you Calvin & Gwen Chambers

We have represented many clients who are moving to Southern Missouri and we work as buyers agents, which means we are working for the buyers. Working with their best interest in mind, negotiating on their behalf to assure they are making an informed decision when they do decide to purchase.

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