Are you interested in Real Estate with Real Results?
Are you thinking about buying a Home?

If so you need a West Plains Buyers Agent.  If you were preparing for the Kentucky Derby wouldn’t you want the best Jockey? The jockey carefully guides the horse to a winning finish line.  Buying a house without a West Plains Buyers Agent is like a racehorse with no jockey.

With 30+ years of experience and over 12,500 successful finishes as your West Plains Buyers Agent, we can help you cross the finish line a winner!  As a West Plains Buyers Agent, we are working for our clients in their best interest! Understand that the race can be complicated, and we will be here to help.  Here is a list of how we can assist you.

Obtaining Affordable Financing  *  Choosing the Perfect Property  *  Negotiating a Great Price  *  Negotiating the Building Inspections  *  Working with the Appraiser  *  Working with the Title Companies.

As Your West Plains Buyers Agent, we also provide you with some added services: 

24 Hour Access: We are available 24/7 for phone calls text and emails from our clients  *  Immediate notifications of new properties to the market  *  Emotional Support (many need that most)  *  Priority Showing Appointments  *  Our 30+ Years of Proven Experience and  Success

Now for the Best News! As your West Plains Buyers Agent my Service Cost the Buyer $0 (nothing) it’s paid for by the Sellers.  Assuming this Potential Investment is Important to you why leave it to chance. Establishing a trust with the right agent to make the entire ride smoother only makes sense. I hope I can be you West Plains Buyers Agent.

Buyer’s Agents are Working for the Buyer……Seller’s Agent are Working for the Seller 

Transaction Brokers are Working for themselves (paperwork – no advice)

 West Plains Buyers Agent

I look forward to helping you find your perfect property

Gwen Chambers (471) 712-0077