If you are a West Plains Home Buyer you have landed on the best site to get your search for a home started.  We work as Buyers Agents which mean we will work to get West Plains home buyers the best possible price on whichever home they choose.  With 30+ years of experience and a passion for helping home buyers achieve their dreams we are confident we can help you also. There are a few things you should really do before you start looking for your new home.

  1. Find a Buyers Agent (they will guide you through the process)
  2. Contact a lender and get yourself pre-approved ( that way you know for sure what you can afford)
  3. Have your agent set up a search and send you the new listings (that meet your needs) as they come on the market. It is the only way to assure you do not miss any perfect properties
  4. Drive by the properties and make sure you like the looks of the outside and the neighborhood
  5. Call YOUR Buyers Agent to schedule all appointment to view the inside of homes also call YOUR agent for any and all questions

Here is a link to start doing some searching on your own.  Many West Plains home buyers start looking long before they are ready to buy and that is a very good idea. The better educated you are about the market the easier the process will be.

When it is time to make an offer, the better educated you are the better you will understand how to make the best offer to get the Seller to accept it without leaving any of your money on the table.

We would love to help you get started on your search.  Just give us a call, text or email we are here to help you.