Are you getting tired of putting your home on the market and nothing happens? Listing Expired,  No Showings, No Feedback, No Advise, No Activity and your agent is missing in action.  Are you looking for an agent who will be as excited about getting your property SOLD as you are?  West Plains Real Estate with Real Results is what you need and that is what we promise.

At Southern Missouri Homes and Farms work a little different than what you may be used to.  You may not always like what we have to say, but we will give you all the facts so you completely understand the current West Plains real estate market.  We take the extra time to stage your home so your pictures turn out great.   We will write a true description with room sizes and flooring descriptions so buyers understand what you have to offer. We will measure your home to make sure we are depicting the square footage correctly.

Our marketing is state of the art.  We make sure your home is found by everyone who is looking for something like you own, we reach buyers all over the United States and even outside of the States.  Our goal is to get your home SOLD and if we are not getting activity we will change up the marketing and tweak it until we do get activity. We offer West Plains Real Estate with Real Results.

SOLD is what you want and it is also what we want! If you want a little more information about us and our qualifications feel free to contact us or check out Gwen Chambers and Calvin Chambers